Modern cars are equipped in abundance of devices which may save our life, however, when we do not know how to use them or use them in a wrong way, then they may pose a deadly threat to us. This is exactly the case of airbags and seatbelts.

Airbag simulator creates awareness of how our body behaves during a crash with the airbag in case of properly positioned seat and properly fastened seatbelts. During the simulation we can also demonstrate the effects of improperly fastened seatbelts or wrong position behind the steering wheel.

A specially designed airbag opens in time of about 0.4 sec thanks to which we are able to observe this process with the naked eye. The structure of the bag allows to fill it up multiple times without the need to replace the load.

This experiment will leave a trace in the imagination of the trainee and will increase its awareness that fastening seatbelts is a basic and the most important action after taking the correct position in the seat.

The device, to ensure more comfort during work, may be equipped with a system of automatic seat retraction to the starting position.



how the process of airbag opening looks like,

impact of lack of fastened seatbelts on injuries during an accident,

impact of wrong position behind the steering wheel on sustained injuries during an accident,

the airbag saves life only when it is combined with properly fastened seatbelts.


Myths and bad habits to be overthrown:

wrong position behind the steering wheel,

improper fastening of seatbelts or not fastening them,

airbag always saves life,

I drive slowly so I don’t need seatbelts,

Practice / simulation possibilities:

crash simulation with properly fastened seatbelts,

crash simulation without seatbelts fastened,

crash simulation with improperly fastened seatbelts.

Useful information:

It is worth to combine the training with:
– crash simulator,
– rollover simulator,


Site: 1.5m x 4.5 m
Intended use: indoors or under a roof
Power: power supply 230 V

Why the Liberti simulator?

– solid steel structure,
– safe approved seat with certificates,
– seat with integrated seatbelts and headrest,
– mechanism of automatic seat blocking in the starting position,
– safe structure preventing injuries of the handling person,
– multiuse airbag (estimated working time 400 000 openings),
– articulated mannequin of realistic size and weight,
– certificates and the European CE Certificate,
– training of trainers in the scope of its use,
– training compliant with LSS programme,
– more details can be downloaded from the product data sheet.


Ease of simulation handling



Possibility of rivalry

Also for children

Simulation on: the mannequin. | Demonstration time: 10 – 15 minutes. | Number of trainers: 1

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