Oversteer skid simulator (also called car wheel dollies) are specially designed devices fixed on the rear axis of front-wheel drive vehicles, thanks to which we increase the driver’s awareness of how hard it is to control the oversteer skid (rear axis skid), how to properly operate the steering wheel and feel the car’s response to the use of brakes and acceleration.

Learning to drive with car wheel dollies is first of all to inspire the drivers to drive more calmly and safely. Even a small increase in speed by 3 km/h leads to difficulties with controlling the car. For this reason, it is safest to reduce speed in order to avoid skidding in traffic –  such conclusions should be drawn from training on car wheel dollies.

Skid simulators are also great fun, possibility to organise demonstrations and attractions for guests during all types of shows or events.

Mounting on the car hub with screws or nuts. They have a unique solution thanks to which they are universal and fit to most of the cars, this means that once you buy skid simulators, you don’t have to worry that in case of changing the car you will have to order another set. Classic skid simulators are recommended for institutions with high intensity of trainings, for which the device durability is of the greatest concern.
Time of mounting car wheel dollies is about 8 – 10 minutes.

Mounting to the car wheel is performed without its dismantling with a special belt. Their advantage is 100% of universality, they fit in any front-wheel drive car. Overrun skid simulators are recommended for institutions which value very fast mounting and full universality, these skid simulators at the same time have higher requirements regarding the surface as compared to classic skid simulators. Driving on the overrun car wheel dollies is easier to master for the trainee than on classic car wheel dollies. Time of mounting skid simulators is about 3 – 5 minutes.



learning to control the vehicle oversteer,

impact of the speed on the possibility to control the skid,

impact of correct position behind the steering wheel on the control of the car,

learning to operate the steering wheel correctly,

learning to drive smoothly,

impact of accelerating and braking on the car’s response,

how to prevent a skid.


Myths and bad habits to be overthrown:

I can manage at any speed during a skid,

I have systems in my car which will protect me from a skid,

incorrect steering wheel operation,

wrong position behind the steering wheel,

10 km/h more, it’s not a big deal, right?

Practice / simulation possibilities:

oversteer skid simulation,

practice of correct operation of the steering wheel,

practice of correct reflexes on the steering wheel when skid occurs,

feeling of changing car mass while accelerating and braking.

Useful information:

Simulation on: the trainee
Demonstration time: 15-20 minutes. Number of trainers: 1
It’s worth to combine the training with:
– rollover simulator,
– airbag simulator,
– simulator of decision-making response time.

Technical requirements:
Site: minimum 15 m x 60 m
Intended use: outdoors
Power: n/a
A front-wheel drive car required

Why the Liberti simulator?

– stable and safe steel structure
– different types of tyres depending on the intensiveness of training and surface
– universal mounting of car wheel dollies which are screwed to the hub
– easy mounting
– European CE Certificate
– training of trainers in the scope of its use
– training compliant with LSS programme
– more details can be downloaded from the product data sheet


Ease of simulation handling



Possibility of rivalry

Also for children

Simulator is available in two versions:
– classic car wheel dollies mounted instead of rear car wheels
– overrun car wheel dollies mounted under the rear car wheels


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