The smooth driving simulator allows to perform an exercise developed by the Formula One triple World Champion – Sir Jackie Stewart. It consists in finishing a specially marked route with a car equipped with an immobile plate and a ball placed on it ii such a way so the ball does not fall out from the plate.

This exercise forces the driver to drive smoothly, delicately and deliberately, properly using the brakes and acceleration. On the road, this translates to a skill of driving smoothly, preventing skids and excessive car wear.

The plate is fixed on any steel vehicle hood with a magnetic mat and it has the function of regulating the angle of the plate.



learning to drive smoothly,

influence of aggressive driving on the increase of accident risk,

aid in learning defensive driving,

learning to anticipate situations on the road,

choice of appropriate driving lane,

learning to drive smoothly,

learning to look forward and not directly in front of the hood.


Myths and bad habits to be overthrown:

I will reach my destination faster driving aggressively,

braking at the last moment,

aggressive operation of pedals and steering wheel,

short-sighted road observation.

Practice / simulation possibilities:

practising smooth driving and anticipating a situation on the road,

practising defensive driving,

practising fluent braking and acceleration,

practising picking of correct driving lane,

practising eco driving.

Useful information:

It is worth to combine the training with:
– skid simulator,
– airbag simulator,
– simulator of decision-making time response.


Site: 10 m x 60 m
Intended use: outdoors
Power: n/a
Car required.

Why the Liberti simulator?

– solid structure,
– simple assembly and disassembly,
– magnetic mat does not scrape the car’s paintwork,
– universal – possibility to regulate the plate’s inclination angle.


Ease of simulation handling



Possibility of rivalry

Also for children

Simulator is available in two versions:
– mounted on a magnet to car hoods,
– mounted on suction pads to a car.


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